Viking Apex 20 Inch Wheel Folding Bike - Matt Black, 11 Inch from Viki...
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Viking Crystal, Single Speed, 20" Wheel Bike, White from Viking
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Falcon Men's Monza Hybrid Bike - (Black/Grey, 12+ Years, 18 Inch, 27.5...
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Viking Fixed Wheel Bike - White, 59 cm from Viking
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Ammaco Traditional Heritage Dutch Style Ladies Bike Racing Green 16&qu...
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Viking Bikes


The 1st Viking bike was created by an Alfred Victor Davies, a railway employee of Wolverhampton in UK. This person, who left his railway job for his craze for bicycles, went ahead and started with a small business and even after going through many hurdles and setbacks he did not give up. Thus, the result is the name of Viking bikes on everyone’s mouth.

The journey of the Viking bikes is very interesting. The bicycles which were in a lot of use that time initiated this company. In the beginning, Viking bikes were simple bicycles, which were the result of assembling the frames and parts of different companies. Then the company moved on to make their own frames. Later a Viking bike came third in a racing competition and then the racing Viking bikes were built in the company.

The company, which expanded from scrape, is now a major cycle manufacturer with all kinds of Viking bikes in its range. These include Viking folding bikes, Viking shopper bikes, Viking electric bikes, Viking urban bikes, Viking tandems, Viking trekking bikes and Viking town bikes. As can be seen from the names these bikes are suitable for all purposes from trekking, roads, comfort rides, urban roads and cities. With such a wide range, every person is sure to have a suitable one among the Viking bikes to suit all his needs and match his expectations.

The reasons for the success of Viking bikes are many. These are all the basic qualities which are expected from a bike like durability and quality. Apart from internal qualities, these have wonderful exteriors in the form of attractive style. The Viking bikes are very comfortable and easy to use and are good for racing as well as leisure. Thus with a wide number of choices and excellent quality, it is natural for people to put more and more demand for these bikes.

The Viking bikes are always aware of the needs of the current generation and have been undergoing updating and changes to suit the latest lifestyle. Customers can always rely on in Viking bikes to give something new to them in terms of design, style, quality and innovation. With time, the Viking bikes range is added with more choices.

The Viking bikes maintain their appeal also, due to development in technical aspects. The technicalities like the manufacturing technique, and the use of lightweight material of Aluminum gives major assurance of its excellent working. Just on these technical aspects, one can ensure that the Viking bikes will be active for generations to come.

The Viking bikes are available in all price ranges. There are simple bikes, which are low in cost, and there are also expensive bikes, which are complicated and durable and are meant for rough use. Different age groups require different sizes of bikes with different strengths and design. Even the tires are of different sizes for different purposes, which are also considered in the production of Viking bikes. Thus, we can simply say that if one wants to pick up a bike, he should go for Viking bikes.